This Is How To Prevent A Cat Scratching Furnitur At Home

How to prevent a cat scratching furnitur-Scratch is an important part in the life of the cat. Using his paws, the cat can strengthen the muscles of the legs at the same time. It can also accelerate the process of pegelupasan the outer layers from the claws of the cat and make her clean with anew layer.
The cat also scratched to mark the area. By leaving a scent and other physical signs to their liking so that other cats know and leave soon. This is also part of his natural hunting instinct, with scratching will make sharp talons and always ready for the next hunt.
Simply, the cat must scratch to make the feet and nails healthy. In the wild, thisis very important so they can hunt for food at night. And also, the scratching felt for those favors.
You will not be able to make him stop scratching, but you can swap them scratching in the space provided.

On sina will Igive tips on how to prevent a cat scratching furniture include:
First give an interesting stuff for the cat’s desire to scratch to scratch. If the type of cat you type who likes scratching the carpet, then give it a piece of carpet that flattened a cribs or put in vertical will be very useful, the cat who likes to scratch the couch tends to like scratching objects with the horizontal position.
We recommend that you provide a variety of different types of objects and textures, so they will not quickly bored. The movement will Flex the foot cat scratching and makes the nails remain unfilled, meanwhile, keep them off the carpet and home furnishings.
Both put a scratching pad in different corners of the House visited the cat. Ideally placed in a place that usually becomes the center of household activities, notably the place where usually you often are. If you hide scratching his pad, then the cat will not find it and use it.
The Third Place spot above the catnip, scratch it and reel in the cat to him using toys. When cats choose not to scratch the couch, praise and give you a nice bonus in order to be remembered as a positive experience. When you see the cat scratching sofa or carpet, make gently to the right places to scratch that has been provided, then give bonuses. With the granting of bonuses, a cat will understand that he will get a bonus if scratched places have been provided, not the couch or the carpet.
Many products that sell cat pet shop stracther already include catnip in it.
The four gave love and a lot of playing time to the cat. Boredom will make it create happiness yourself by invaded home furnishings, this allows cats release energy that is stuck with melampiaskannya on home furnishings. Play with cats you until he felt tired so he’s not going to change your home decor scratching.
Then cut the nails on a regular basis will reduce the hazards that can be caused. You can take it to the salon or studying cats do it yourself at home. If you have never cut nails of cats before, ask your veterinarian to show what parts should be cut.
You can also install the cover in the front paws of a cat’s nails in order not to damage the objects inside the House. You can do this at home, salon treatment or ask the vet to do it. Nail coverings are available in various colors and will last for six weeks.That’s a few simple tips for how to prevent a cat scratching furniture.



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