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Goodlife Cat Food

Though Goodlife might not be one among the most important or most recognizable cat chow brands out there, it’s positively one value considering if you’re yearning for a high-quality, nourishing diet for your cat. Goodlife cat food are developed to; “help your cat live life to the fullest” by mistreatment high-quality ingredients. With Goodlife cat foods, your cat are properly nourished thus he will get pleasure from several healthy and active years by your aspect. However what sets Goodlife cat foods with the exception of alternative brands?

#1 Ingredient: Chicken or Salmon

All of Goodlife’s product are created with real chicken or salmon because the 1st ingredient. This is often pretty simple for the complete to accomplish since they solely provide a complete of 3 totally different flavors, however it’s still a vital purpose to think about. A fast analysis of all 3 product reveals that chicken is that the 1st ingredient in 2 directions and salmon is that the 1st ingredient within the remaining recipe – all 3 recipes list chicken meal because the second ingredient. Whereas recent chicken and salmon are wonderful sources of animal macromolecule, it’s vital to recollect that recent meats contain up to eightieth water. So, once the complete direction is deep-fried down into kibbles, the wet content are abundant lower – this implies that the full weight of the ingredient is far lower yet. Fortunately, Goodlife makes up for this truth by as well as chicken meal because the second ingredient. Don’t let the word “meal” fool you – chicken meal is solely recent chicken that has already been deep-fried all the way down to a wet content around 100 percent. This makes it a way additional extremely focused supply of animal macromolecule than recent chicken. So, the (very fact the actual fact) that chicken meal is listed because the second ingredient indicates that Goodlife product are very high in animal macromolecule that is unbelievably vital for a healthy and nourishing diet for cats.

No Corn, Soy or Wheat

The second claim Goodlife makes concerning its foods is that they’re free from corn, soy, and wheat ingredients. This is often important as a result of not solely are corn, soy, and wheat ingredients usually low in biological process worth, however they’re conjointly terribly tough for your cat’s body to digest. Instead of mistreatment these ingredients, all 3 Goodlife recipes embrace rice because the third ingredient. On their web site, Goodlife suggests that every of their product contains fiber to manage hairballs. It’s safe to assume that they’re concerning the rice because the supply of fiber, though’ all 3 recipes conjointly contain dried fruits and vegetables. Rice is one among the foremost light grains, however it’s still a grain thus it’ll be more durable for your cat to digest than alternative gluten- and grain-free carbohydrates.

High-Quality All The Way?

Goodlife cat food suggests that each one of their product are created with high-quality ingredients and developed to satisfy your cat’s biological process wants. Every of the 3 product is supplemented with Ca to produce support for healthy bones and teeth yet as alternative nutrients for a shiny coat and healthy skin. Unfortunately, there are many questionable ingredients included in Goodlife recipes that bring this claim into question. Brewer’s rice, as an example, is another grain that consists of broken fragments of rice kernels. These kernels are purportedly simple to digest, though’ they’re low in nutrients – it’s possible enclosed as an extra supply of fiber in Goodlife foods. Some other questionable ingredients embrace dried beet pulp, small-grained polio’s, and brewers dried yeast. Small-grained polio’s is enclosed within the Indoor direction and it’s a saccharine yet as a decent supply of fiber. Dried beet pulp is another supply of fiber though’ it’s otherwise fairly low in biological process worth. Brewers dried yeast could be a byproduct of the brew production method and it will contain some nutrients. Several cat chow makers embrace it in their recipes as a result of it’s been shown to help repel fleas.

Great taste

The last claim Goodlife makes concerning their product is “great taste”. The inclusion of recent meats and meat meals will definitely give to the natural flavor of Goodlife cat food product. Its value noting, however, that each one 3 Goodlife recipes contain Associate in Nursing additive known as “natural flavor”. Whereas this might sound sort of a sensible ingredient, it’s tough to understand precisely what “natural flavor” is and it’s exhausting to gauge the standard. In some cases, natural flavor is solely another name for flavoring. It can’t be aforesaid evidently that natural flavor could be a dangerous ingredient; however it might be higher if it came from a named supply like “natural chicken flavor”.


Goodlife Chicken direction

you have already learned some details concerning Goodlife cat food chow recipes and every one 3 of their formulas are created with a similar list of ingredients. The inclusion of real chicken and chicken meal because the prime 2 ingredients makes this formula protein-rich – it conjointly contains chicken by-product meal because the fourth ingredient. It’s somewhat worrisome to learn rice, a grain, enclosed within the formula additionally to some questionable carbohydrates like brewer’s rice and brewer’s dried yeast. This formula will contain some dried fruits and vegetables yet as aliment and mineral supplements, though’ they’re not chemical change thus your cat won’t be ready to absorb them as effectively as they’d nutrients from natural sources. This formula is free from corn, soy, and wheat however it will contain many sources of saccharine as well as one grain and it conjointly includes additional flavors and colors.

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