How To Treat Menge In Cats

How To Treat Menge In Cat-Mange is a skin disease that is caused by a type of mite parasite called scabies or mite sarcoptes. This type of the disease often attacks the cat, the dog and the rabbit and can also be transmitted to humans. Types of mites have 2 kinds i.e. notoedres cati sarcoptes scabies and scabies. These mites have tiny size 0.2-0.4 mm, and can only be seen with the aid of a microscope and can also wear a magnifying glass.

Scabies mites attack i.e. digging and digging the skin and then lay eggs and are constantly digging channels on the skin. After laying eggs, the female mites will die within 3 to 8 days the eggs will hatch into six-legged larvae of some tail, and grown larvae turning into a nymph has eight legs. On this mature nymph changed their skin will become an adult mite. This adult mites proliferate in the channels that already he dug and takes up to 2 to 3 weeks, such is the life cycle of sentient scabies.

Mange can strike all age in cats either males or females. For transmission of scurvy lasted through physical contact between cats or possible contact with a contaminated place tool mites such as cages, combs and others. Early symptoms of developing this disease generally like itching and loss around the face, neck, ears, eyelids, nose and certainly at the head.

The characteristics cats contracted Scabies is frequently scratching at itshead. And at the end of the broken leaf appears dead skin crust patches and bald. When the mange dibiarin then will the more spread out to all parts of the cat’s head. Sometimes many some people mistaken between scabies mites with fungus of ringworm. The easiest step is to distinguish it from the broken tip that scabies there iscrust and as we slowly culprit, then lifted off the dead skin and can cause sores to blisters.

  How To TreatMenge In Cats
If you have a lot of cats, then immediately separate between cats contracted scabies and are healthy. This can be due to disease scabies contagious
Wash and clean the tools such as grooming brush, comb, cage, andall the equipment and placefrequently used on cats who contractedscabies.
Avoid places grooming or veterinary care that does not have enough good hygiene.
Bathe a cat with shampoos that contain sulfur which you can be in one of the nearest ssbbw as lime sulfur or sebasol. How to bathe hisentire body after disampoin then let sit for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse and pat dry. How can this be done for a week once in a rowuntil recovered, healing usually takes 1 month to 2 months.
A Salve that has content of permethrin, petrolatum, Triamcolone, derma tech and gamexane
VCO oil, which you can get at pharmacies century & guardian, this type of oil is already proven to be efficacious and safe make kitten, pregnant or lactating women. usage that is simply applied topicallyon the affected part of scabies.
And the last one is the most powerful Way of injecting or injecting anti-scabiesis, which can only be addressed by a vet. This type of scabies injections drug avermectin class include ivermectin, selamectinhypodermic syringe and syringe doramectin. This way is usually recommended by doctors IE 2 times an interval of 2 weeks. After that guaranteed the attacking cat scabies will loss all. If you have a lot of cats at home, it is advisable to inject scabies also other cats though not exposed to scabies, as there are chances of contracting and never finished. Oh yes, this special injections for diseases scabies only and not other fungal diseases such as of Ringworm.

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